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Two Libyan fighter pilots escape to Malta in Mirage F1 jets

Published on 21st February 2011 by Martin Krupka, 46775 views

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1 Cornelia
(21. 2. 2011, 22:50 CET)
God Bless the Lybian pilots for not agreeing to bomb their own people!

2 anon-ix
(22. 2. 2011, 04:07 CET)
bless their hearts, for their priceless compassion for human beings

3 Emanuel Linert
(22. 2. 2011, 17:27 CET)
God bless this two pilots for their charity, not to attack the people!

4 RodriVJ of Chile
(22. 2. 2011, 17:57 CET)
Remarkably consistent attitude to the military's primary purpose, which is to defend his national community. That all soldiers who refuse to kill their countrymen are blessed. Greetings from Chillán City, Chile Rodrigo

5 Tavie Okolobi
(22. 2. 2011, 22:31 CET)
That was a very thoughtful, bold and quick move they made. Thank God for these honest men. The international authorities should please keep them safe.

6 Georg
(25. 2. 2011, 14:57 CET)
You are my heroes. I which you a long life and plenty of offspring.

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