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Czech Jet Team OK-JET

1 Guest
(20 September 2006 - 20:08 CET)
Is this operating from a grass strip ? Says a lot for the undercarriage - must have been quite a sight.

2 Martin Krupka
(24 September 2006 - 10:34 CET)
Yes, this airplane was operating from grass strip. Length of the runway was pretty short- 1100m and temperature that day was around 30 degrees Celsius, which are not ideal conditions for this training jet. It was something you don't see every day.

Norway - Royal Norwegian Air Force 304

1 Tony Marlow
(20 September 2006 - 18:07 CET)
Great shot there, Alistair. You caught a unique moment. Welcome aboard!

Flybe G-FBEA

1 Martin Krupka
(16 September 2006 - 22:28 CET)
Hoho, very fresh addition! This plane looks really sexy.

B17 Preservation G-BEDF

1 Guest
(15 September 2006 - 15:21 CET)
A clear view of the ball turret is why I like this picture. I needed to show the grandchildren because their grandfather was a ball turret gunner flying out of Knettishall,England with the 388th in 1944-45. Thanks.

Royal Air Force "Battle of Britain Memorial Flight" PA474

1 Martin Krupka
(12 September 2006 - 23:26 CET)
Good scan Tony!

BAe Systems G-IRJX

1 Martin Krupka
(4 September 2006 - 14:24 CET)
Not feeling famous in any way, but thanks Tony anyway. Should find a picture of you in my archive or take one at Leuchars Air Show next weekend. :-)

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