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Black cat Lynx xz250

tony byrne
Joined in January 2012
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Posted 7 February 2012 - 21:52 CET

Hi all

Can anyone help me with some information on this Lynx please? I am doing a painting of the above helicopter and I am having trouble trying to work out a few bits. Just behind the roundel is a marking that looks like a crows head but I cant work it out, and just below the registration XZ250 is what looks to be a shrimp. Does anyone have any clear images of these two areas as it is driving me nuts as I can not find any images of the two areas in question that are clear enough. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE ??????

cheers Tony

Andy Walker 
Full member
Joined in March 2008
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Posted 8 February 2012 - 23:15 CET

behind the roundel is just part of the cat artwork,just looks like a crow due to part of the aircraft of which o am not sure what it is.

not too sure what you are seeing behind the registration but if you google the registration there are plenty of images out there that hsould help you.


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