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New ways for NSA to fight agains plane hijackers

Joined in August 2014
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Posted 9 August 2014 - 21:58 CET

GPS has entered our lives so badly, that we cannot imagine plane, car and even our mobile phone working without it. GPS is used everywhere.

That, of cause, gave main American and European security organizations a great opportunity to think how this system can be used for military purposes. All we know that jets', ships' and armored vehicles' weapon systems are based on GPS technology.

Edward Snowden has declassified files that proved GPS is used by NSA to track phones and cars. Later even the “Ford company” approved that they collect data about “breaking the law” (

But after September 11, after planes were hijacked and used as a weapon, NSA was developing special features to prevent such incidents if future. And such system was created. A person called “New Snowden” declassified the information that approved this. All Boeing airlines now use this system.

After this signal is received by the plane, internal systems go down and the object can be destroyed in the air.

I wonder if similar systems are used by other plane-building companies. If yes, it only shows that people's lives worth nothing for the government.

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Nick Fall
Joined in August 2014
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Posted 10 August 2014 - 17:21 CET

Guardian first published and later deleted post about such system.

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