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Lose of sharpness after upload.

Craig Stevens 

Full member
Joined in February 2013
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Posted 10 October 2015 - 18:49 CET

I'm using Elements 13 and once I've edited my images they are tack sharp but once I've uploaded to here, flickr etc they just look really soft... Whether or not I'm losing my eye sight I don't know haha but it's really bugging me!. Any help would be appreciated :).


Jocelyn Dell 

Joined in November 2014
Posts: 21
Posted 10 October 2015 - 19:46 CET

Sorry Craig I don't have E13, only LR6. But when I started to use Lightroom I had the same problem.

I can save my pictures with sRVB, Adobe RVB 1998 or ProPhoto RVB color space. I don't know if you've these possibilities with E13. Before I used the sRVB color space and my photos lost quality when I uploaded them on the site, Flickr and many others. Now I use ProPhoto (I tried the others ones before) and I have no problem. I also chose the best quality for screen.

To be honest with you, I'm far from being a great specialist of IT and photography, but I've experienced in a FNAC in France (the equivalent of your Virgin stores) to view my photos on different types of PCs (laptops, tablets) and different type of MAC and I found great differences, however, this experience is not conclusive because it would have been necessary to calibrate all the screens, that's not really possible ! Anyway, it may depend of your screen, maybe it's more the domain of the lab...

I hope I've helped you.

Cordially, Jocelyn "Pharewell".

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