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300,000 image accepted

Michael Carbery 

Joined in June 2008
Posts: 1143
Posted 24 February 2016 - 00:52 CET

Congratulations to Eduardo Mendes whose GOL Transportes Aéreos 737-800 shot became the 300,000th image accepted to the database.


Matt Reynolds 

Full member
Joined in December 2015
Posts: 30
Posted 24 February 2016 - 10:59 CET

That's an amazing achievement for the site, which does seem to be changing with the times and moving ahead of the others!

Well done to all the admin team, screening team, editorial team and also of course, the worlds best Aviation photographers contributing photos every day.

Richard Parkhouse 
Full member
Joined in June 2011
Posts: 53
Posted 24 February 2016 - 23:44 CET

Well said Matt - I echo your sentiments. Nice to hear someone giving the team behind this fantastic site some praise for a change! Keep up the great work guys, and here's to the next 300,000.

Matt Reynolds 

Full member
Joined in December 2015
Posts: 30
Posted 25 February 2016 - 12:27 CET

Richard, this site has evolved so much, even over the last 12 months. What we all fail to realise sometimes, is that for 99.9% of us, this is a hobby and a passion. The fact that the Screening, Admin and Editorial team, take time out of their busy schedules, to provide us with a site that not only improves our photography and editing skills, but also gives us a name and a chance to chase achievements. I have been there in the past and slated this site, Martin and the team. But over the last three months, my life has hit rock bottom and actually in the grand scheme of things, not getting a photo accepted, is not life or death, it's no one but our own faults and yes there are inconsistencies, but that's life and I think sometimes, we all need to take a step back and reassess exactly where this site and the decisions that are made, lie in the priorities of life. I for one will always be polite and thank the screeners even if I don't agree with decisions being made. It's an amazing hobby and great to make so many friends along the way, to be part of this fantastic page that Matrin is building with his team makes me smile and gives this passion a purpose.

Angelo Bufalino 

Full member
Joined in May 2011
Posts: 420
Posted 26 February 2016 - 06:58 CET

Quite an achievement with the photo count. It could not be done without the contributions of all the members. Very well done!

Rene Henckens 

Joined in June 2012
Posts: 9
Posted 26 February 2016 - 13:45 CET

Congratulations on this milestone.

I can only repeat what is said above. Well done to everyone involved in making this one of the best aviation websites in the world.

And with 300k accepted, I'm curious to hear what the sites overall acceptance ratio is ;)

Martin Krupka 

Joined in July 2006
Posts: 1148
Posted 26 February 2016 - 18:48 CET

It is a great achievement for AP members. Just imagine the dedication and effort to produce 300 000 high quality photos. Many thanks to all members.

The actual stats are as follows:

FM uploads (not screened): 83 876 photos

Screened uploads: 434 986 photos

Screened accepted: 216 721 photos

Screened rejected: 218 265 photos

Acceptance ratio: 49.8%

Screening decisions:

1st screening: 434 986 decisions

2nd screening: 367 628 decisions

Total: 802 614 screening decisions

Impressive figures. Credit goes to the Team.

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Full member
Joined in March 2015
Posts: 83
Posted 26 February 2016 - 19:18 CET

The truth is that AP provides something very different and that is real possibility of photographic creativity while other even more visited pages don't. I am a photographer since 1996 (old school..dias and films ) and now I am PS addict since it gives me more artistic freedom as a photographer and cinematographer to express my stuff beyond casual airplane documentary BORING shots. It is 2016 and we are all aware that plain ordinary photo straight out of the memory card don't attract anyone anymore in ALL photo genres so I give all my respect to whole AP team for thinking "out of the box" and letting members to step not just one, but several levels up to make this page even more interesting to people who are not sharing our spotting passion. IMO, that's the whole point. None of us wants to share our deeds with 3-4 friends but with the whole world's spotting community. I admit that screeners give us plain members a lot of headaches from time to time but that's the policy we have to respect since it's Martin's private thing and he sets the rules that we have to follow or simply give up. The "problem" is that AP set high standards and last past year the flag is even much higher and that gives more positive challenge to all of us to express our photographic skills, but at the same time I am perfectly aware that from my point of view, or if you like - from the fence at LDZA where most of my shots are taken (one of the world's worst spotting place, not to mention same 6-7 crappy airplanes and airliners on daily bases) my chances to get an EC or even some wooow shots are equal to zero. I live with that, can't change it. That's beyond my photo equipment and knowledge. But this is my hobby, I enjoy it and thank God, AP is creativity friendly page that excepts artistically edited photos in PS/Lr as an art (since it IS those days a way of art especially in motion pictures – speaking of post production and coloring!) This makes them a serious candidate to become world's No. 1 plane spotting page in terms of members number especially when younger generations and photo eshtetic fans are too tired to look at same old boring documentary shots while AP provides it all but not boring shots. It's the new era, new generations seek a way to express themselves by using tools such as Lr and PS and who can't except that as a reality of the modern photo world - looses. Those people should quit spotting and go fishing- it's cheaper!

PS. I apologize this way to all the screeners I ever offended or being pain in the ass (and I know I was…uh) but I allowed my self to be right in plenty of times since I am not newcomer in photography, but finally I've learned the AP way and what will be accepted so I don't make a big deal about it anymore….half of my reactions are due to fine wines and beer. Plenty of it....I am an old fart…Cheers!

Dariusz Niedźwiecki 
Joined in March 2013
Posts: 7
Posted 3 March 2016 - 20:39 CET

Worth celebrating, congratulations!


Full member
Joined in November 2009
Posts: 21
Posted 4 March 2016 - 00:17 CET

'Congratulations' to Everyone, 300,000 aviation images from around the World !

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