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Rejected Photos

Joined in June 2016
Posts: 2
Posted 4 July 2016 - 22:34 CET

Hello, I have just started out and I can't get photos accepted onto the website. The main reason for this photos not being sharp and that the photos lacks contrast. Do I need to edit photos before upload or do I need change settings in my camera to improve my shots? My camera is a Nikon D3100


Dominik Kauer 

Full member
Joined in May 2016
Posts: 37
Posted 5 July 2016 - 10:38 CET

Hey James,

It would be helpfull if you post the link of the rejected picture and the Exif. So we can see the picture and help you to improve.


Joined in June 2016
Posts: 2
Posted 6 July 2016 - 00:19 CET

Hi Dominik,

This is the photo, I understand that the quality isn't amazing but I was wondering what settings to use of my camera and how to edit the photos


Attached photos:

Gregory Martin 
Joined in September 2013
Posts: 35
Posted 7 July 2016 - 11:24 CET

Hi James,

Firstly i would say to center the plane in the frame. If you have the exif data of the picture i'm sure we can give you advice.

Best Regards

Nacho Rodriguez 

Joined in June 2011
Posts: 3
Posted 7 July 2016 - 22:30 CET

Hello James,

First of all, welcome to the web and the world of spotting.

The first thing to do is take pictures from the other side to avoid backlit :-).

As you use a Nikon camera I can not give you advise on shooting parameters, since I use Canon.

After taking the photo, you have to edit it using a photo editing program like Photoshop.

But above all you should read a lot, and practise as well, so i recomend you to look at the forum or search for tutorials.

Best regards,


Ricardo Hebmüller 

Full member
Joined in August 2014
Posts: 89
Posted 8 July 2016 - 00:36 CET

Hi James,

I strongly recommend you to contact and join other fellow spotters in your country to share and learn about their photography techniques and settings in a photo session nearby an airport or in an airshow.

There is no way a photo could be accepted directly after downloading it from your camera. It is always necessary to give it some edit for which you can choose among several available software for post processing edition like Lightroom or Photoshop.

I also would tell you to search for internet tutorials. Some editors on this website have published a lot of good stuff on YouTube, like the following ones:

Andre Nordheim:

Angelo Bufalino:

That´s it, I guarantee you will sweat a lot, but this effort will lead you to achieve the goals you are looking for. Good luck!

Lenn Kollen 

Joined in December 2015
Posts: 1
Posted 8 July 2016 - 17:03 CET

Hello James

Ricardo Hebmüller gives you the link of the movies from Angelo Buffalino, I've learned it also from his movies and since I looked his movies, my photo's are accepted at AP.

So look and learn to his video's and try it again to upload some nice stuff at this site

Best regards,


Victor Ambriz 

Joined in August 2013
Posts: 51
Posted 8 July 2016 - 20:10 CET

Hi James.

I'm agree with all of them, try seeing tutorials about aviation photography editing, IMO the image looks lack of sharpening and also is blurred & are too much noise in the fusselage. Send me an e-mail to & I'll try to help to you with the parameters of your camera

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