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What about this shot?

Andrea Balbin 

Joined in December 2015
Posts: 57
Posted 15 November 2016 - 22:00 CET

Hi all,

I uploaded this image a couple of month ago and get a rejection because of the grainy due to the water droplets in the air, I think.

Now I´d like to give it another chance with other step during the post-production trying to remove the grainy sky with dfine2 but I´m not sure about the overall quality and other issues which could lead to another rejection (basically it´s overexsposed where there is the cloud formation).

Every opinion/advice is welcome.

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Coenraad Balt 

Joined in January 2013
Posts: 34
Posted 15 November 2016 - 22:25 CET

Great photo! In my opinion the nose is soft, but give it a try.

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