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Counting views on AP is not regular!


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Posted 2 November 2017 - 18:19 CET

It seemed strange to me for some time but today I made a quick little test to prove my theory.

First of all let me clear the fact that I have no problem if my photo gets 50 or 500 views…it’s my hobby anyway and I understand it may seem illogical why I make fuss about it but I hate when there is injustice around.

At the moment while I’m writing this, I am at position No.3 of top photographers of the week with 2432 views. (28 photos are in that count!). So I called two of my friends who are not into AP and plane spotting at all nor in photography, to visit AP page and to open my profile and to open all those first 28 of my latest photos and that should be 56 views plus in total. Two different IP addresses and doesn’t matter if they’re members or not since is not about liking. All was done within 10 minutes. So I gave AP server some decent time to refresh data, 50 minutes to be precise to count in that views (that should make minimum of 2488 views!) All I got is 26 views instead of 56 (and 4 came along, obviously from members probably…)! The result is not as expected so that justifies my doubts that something is wrong at AP and it is definitely not regular.

Some fantastic photos from members get 50 views max and some crappy pics from FM’s get tons of views…why? Is it possible to manipulate your web site the way you want it with your web developer and algorithms? Of course it is. Why would anyone do that if that’s the case…I can’t imagine and I refuse to believe that’s the case here on AP but…

I hope to get some good technical explanation for that what happens from AP authorities (although I can’t be convinced!) because as a full member I find this very frustrating, not to mention how will other members feel after reading this….



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Joined in March 2015
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Posted 2 November 2017 - 19:57 CET

Exactly 3 hours has passed now since my test and still 6 views short. That confirms my doubts.


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Posted 2 November 2017 - 20:57 CET

LOL. I did the same test several times. Same results. Not sure why. I did 25 one day and got 5 views. Same thing another time and got 3 added to the total. Figured it was a site glitch to go with the rest of them. Life goes on.

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