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Night Photo Advice for Upload

Rohan Patel 

Joined in August 2014
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Posted 27 December 2017 - 20:51 CET

I have a few night photos that I would like to upload here but I am not sure how strict APN screeners are about out of focus parts. Because I was shooting down at F/4 and 1/15th a second to keep the ISO in a usable range, There are parts of the aircraft that are not in focus (see the attached photo for example). I was wondering if that is okay or would it be rejected. After looking around on the site, I noticed a few shots that were accepted or uploaded like:

These have parts that are out of focus or blurry but still made it onto the site. Is there a chance that photos I have like the one attached would be okay to have accepted or would it be rejected?

Thanks for the help


Attached photos:

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