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Main Object blurred?

David Augsburger 

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Joined in February 2016
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Posted 28 December 2017 - 14:14 CET

Hi Folks

This photo has been rejected for the reason that the "main object is blurred".

One could agree with the screener but I can't find any section where it actually looks blurred.

It is maybe because when I first upload my pictures they look a bit blurred but when you click on the photo it zooms a tiny bit and gets fully sharp. If that is the case maybe someone can tell me how to fix this problem.

I would also be very thankful for any tips on how this can be corrected with some photoshop/lightroom editing.

Regards Dave

Gerard van Oostrom 
Joined in December 2012
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Posted 28 December 2017 - 16:16 CET

David, I downloaded it for fun and used NIK outputsharpener adaptive sharpening 25%, structure 10% and local contrast 10%. I also did some detail sharpening on the gear as wel.

You can also reduce the image in size for e.g 1400 or 1250 on the long side to start again with sharpening to 'avoid' the problems you have now.

Good luck!


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