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Jpeg Compression

Enda G Burke 

Full member
Joined in April 2016
Posts: 31
Posted 31 October 2018 - 09:37 CET

My latest rejection is the following image:-

Reason being is Jpeg Compression in Sky, now my issue is that the sky is as white as white so how can this be seen??

Other screener just agreed with first one so not much to go on here.

I have currently appealed this but any hints & tips for reducing jpeg compression in the future would be appreciated.

Philipp Goretzka 

Joined in November 2014
Posts: 4
Posted 31 October 2018 - 17:50 CET


i had the same kind of problem a while ago. I think the problem is in the way that the screeners see the images, its in some different way with more contrast or something.

The JPEG Compression is either not visible to the naked eye at all or very very feint in the original pictures.

I dont see any compression in your picture.

This might be the strongest JPEG Compression i´ve seen on this site so far:

Its a great picture but it surely has a lot of compression due to the clear sky.


Gerard van Oostrom 
Joined in December 2012
Posts: 80
Posted 1 November 2018 - 08:21 CET

Hi Enda, in the past I had also several rejections because of JPEG compression. Since I use 'save for web' I don't have this problem anymore.

I don't see the JPEG compression in your picture, but I never saw it in my own pictures either, haha.



Igor Kmet 

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Joined in September 2013
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Posted 1 November 2018 - 20:49 CET

Jpeg compresion could be seen to the naked eye in 200 % zoom as pixelized part of the sky or fuselage.

Better approach for checking is to chose in Photoshop then Image, Adjustements and Equalize and you get direct info ( see attached picture).

To avoid jpeg compresion its necessary to choose during resizing picture option Bicubic (best for smoth gradients).

The reason that jpeg compresion is vissible ,is not enough information especialy in big monotone areas ( as sky ussualy is)

Attached photos:

Enda G Burke 

Full member
Joined in April 2016
Posts: 31
Posted 2 November 2018 - 08:30 CET

Thank you for your input guys. Yeah I see what you mean about the dreamlifter pic.

Will try save for web for my next upload and see how that goes :-)

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