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Photography in Las Vegas

Darryl Morrell 

Full member
Joined in August 2008
Posts: 143
Posted 10 September 2012 - 19:35 CET

I`m off to Las Vegas in a few weeks time, any local knowledge on photography spots etc would be much appreciated


Scott Arfin 

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Joined in November 2011
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Posted 10 September 2012 - 23:08 CET

Hi Darryl,

I've shot in Vegas a few times at spots A and B given in the NYC Aviation guide. The Sunset Road spot (A) is great for watching because you are very close, but I've never been able to make any useful shots from there because I did not have a ladder. The fence is of decent height. Spot B (the parking garage) is an awesome spot because of the possibility of Strip shots, but the runways need to be on your side. All my LAS shots on this site were made from there. The distance is quite large though, and distortion tends to ruin any ground shots. I've used 300mm on a crop body and it's not nearly enough, though you can get away with it. On the garage, the cops did approach me, but they were mainly patrolling to prevent vehicle break-ins. I never encountered cops at Sunset Road. Hope this helps.


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