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Replacing my pictures

Radim Tylecek 

Joined in June 2009
Posts: 11
Posted 12 August 2020 - 19:27 CET

Hey ladies and gentlemen

I have a question for the screeners.

Few months ago I have started to re-editing and replacing my wrong edited and already uploaded pictures here. And the better edited were already accepted and replaced and computer / tablet / smartphone versions also updated.

Yet, few of my pics, which I replaced since around 2 weeks ago til now, were already replaced, but visible only on phone/tablet versions, not yet on my laptop (I still see on my laptop the old, not replaced version).

Can I ask you, why it doesn´t work on my laptop too?

These pics are on laptop view not yet updated:

Thank you

Ray Abela 

Head admin
Joined in July 2009
Posts: 363
Posted 13 August 2020 - 07:20 CET

Try to clear the cache, and press F5 several times.

Hope this helps.

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