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christian gonzález aguilar 

Joined in November 2012
Posts: 1
Posted 14 March 2022 - 13:37 CET

Hi guys!

I got this photo rejected yesterday because "Main object is blurred"

Can anyone show me a sign of blurry in the picture? Thx!

Andrin Würsch 

Joined in January 2016
Posts: 13
Posted 14 March 2022 - 18:44 CET

The photo does appear blurry to me too.

It's best visible at the porthole window or also at the letters below the cockpit windows.

Maybe resharpening and resizing the image to a smaller resolution can help here.

Karol Trojanowski 

Senior admin
Joined in June 2016
Posts: 82
Posted 14 March 2022 - 19:49 CET

Hey Christian, the photo has some issues in terms of sharpness. I would say that AF was not precisely set on the aircraft, so the main object is a bit out of focus. The other explanation is the one given during the screening process - the aircraft is a bit blurry which causes softness on the exported file.

As Andrin suggested, you can try resizing the image to 1280px or so. Maybe it will help.

Gouei Chang 

Full member
Joined in June 2014
Posts: 5
Posted 29 March 2022 - 07:40 CET

Hi Christian, I think this photo is slightly soft overall too. Especially, around cockpit and "22-35" part are soft and blurred. I cannot see focus point and AF setting from this photo, may be focus point is set on ground or sky.


Full member
Joined in January 2012
Posts: 17
Posted 20 July 2023 - 18:04 CET

Sharpness in this picture would not be my main concern... more composition.... the aircraft is in the left of the frame and there is too much foreground...

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