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Hello from a life-long aviation enthusiast and photographer based in the UK Midlands. This all started out for me as "plane spotting", cycling to the local airport fifteen miles away during school holidays. Once I went to work, one of my first purchases was a camera - a Praktica MTL-3 - which came with a 50mm screw mount lens. I also bought a 200mm lens that I swear took softer pictures than I would have got from a milk bottle with black sides taped to the front of the camera. Anyway, I took the Praktica and the milk bottle to airshows and airports in a plastic supermarket bag, and started taking a few photos. Back then I had no idea how engrossed I'd get in this photography thing! A couple of years later the Praktica went and in came a Canon AE-1 and that was that - Canon has received a significant amounts of my income on regular occasions ever since. First it was Kodachrome 64 film, more recently its been Compact Flash, and I've invested better glass over the years too

Its still mainly aeroplanes though. I get a kick of being out there, photographing something different or new, going to airports or airfields, and getting a picture that really generates attention and interest. Working in the airline industry for many years helped, and my flying as a private pilot has brought about an airborne aspect to my aviation photography. I now love photographing subjects from the air - air-to-air, or air-to-ground.

And that's about it really... Total aviation geek meets camera and the rest as they say is history!

Publications/Clients: Key Publishing, Airliner World, Airports of the World, Jets
Cameras: Canon EOS-1D IV
Lenses: 17-40, 24-70, 70-200, 75-300, 100-400, 300, 500

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