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P.C. LKPD Spotter

Status: Member
Location: Pardubice[LKPD/PED]
Country: Czech Republic 
Member since: March 2017
Photos in database: 1687
Photo views: 670232

My home,my work, my life - Pardubice Military/Civil Airport/LKPD/PED/Czech Republic/CZ

I'm sorry but I will not give for free any picture, including background requests!!!

If you want to buy some pictures, just send me request to :

Thanks for visiting my profile and enjoy my gallery!

Publications/Clients: Pardubice Airport,LOM Praha,SLP(ARMY),Aircraft Industries,Heli Czech,Čedok,Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic,Aviation Museum Kunovice,Aviation Museum Konesin
Cameras: Nikon D500,D7200,Nikon Z6 II Past:D5200
Lenses: 10-24,18-105,70-300,200-500

Photo albums: Best on AP

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