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Marcin Szpak

Status: Member
Location: POLAND, Wroclaw
Country: Poland 
Member since: January 2011
Photos in database: 430
Photo views: 545469

I’m aviation photography enthusiast from Wroclaw, Poland. I had begun my journey with photography using father’s old russian SLR camera in the mid-Nineties and I started taking plane pictures next to the fence of local airport in 2006. In 2010 I had become a member of polish non-commercial planespotters society - “Spotter.PL” and after two years member of The International Society for Aviation Photography. It gave me the second wind and a lot of opportunities to broaden my plane-passion. In 2014 I joined to The Wroclaw Spotters - group from my EPWR airport.

The most of my pictures are taken from european air shows, aviation fairs, polish airports and local events. Special interests are concerned over the military airfighters and photography during unique circumstances and weather conditions.

I can’t imagine free time without airplanes and photography. I’m trying to work on and improve my skills and knowledge in these areas.

Publications/Clients: Member of the Polish Non-commercial Planespotting Society - SPOTTER.PL; \\r\\nMember of The International Society for Aviation Photography; \\r\\nMember of The Wroclaw Spotters - spotter\\'s group from Wroclaw City, Poland;
Cameras: Nikon
Lenses: Nikon

Photo albums: Lanzarote - Canarian Island, Radom Air Show 2011, NATO Days Czech Ostrava - 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2015, EPWR - Copernicus Airport Wroclaw, Commander meeting ZLOT 2011,2012,2013, 2014, Oldtimer wings, RIAT 2012 - England, Royal International Air Tattoo, CIAF, Czech Hradec Kralove 2012, 2014,2015, ILA Berlin - Air Show and Exhibition, Airpower13 Zeltweg - LOXZ, RIAT 2013 - England, Royal International Air Tattoo, Radom Air Show 2013,2015, RIAT 2014,2015 England - Royal International Air Tattoo, SIAF, Slovak International Air Fest 2014,2015, MALTA Air Show 2015

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