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Ennio Varani

Status: Member
Location: Italy - Villafranca (VR)
Country: Italy 
Member since: March 2011
Photos in database: 3046
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My name is Ennio was born in Verona, Italy, are a professional photographer with Nikon Camera and Canon, based in Villafranca-Verona.

I like to travel, my favorite european city is Barcelona (I love this City), where I often go to spend pleasant days of vacation and spotting, are also photoreporter and contact List Authorized Catullo Verona Airport!.

If you like my shots don't hesitate to ask we are happy to send the photos!!

Owner and Head of the VRN Spotter Group, Verona Airport VRN/LIPX photo / Verona Spotting - Verona Fotografia and VRN Social News and Press official page.

Publications/Clients: Aviation Museum and Collection, Caproni Site Museum, Volare Italian Magazine, Italian Spotters W.W. Shots, Flyreaders Magazine, JP4 Magazine,, Airline Magazine, Spotters Magazine, HAG Historical Aircraft Group, Jetstream Internationales Luftfahartmagazine, Ikaros Publications LTD. Aerozoom 2016, Meridiana Book.. and more...
Cameras: Nikon and Canon Camera
Lenses: Nikkor - Canon - Tamron - Sigma - Samyang.

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