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Oldrich Chmel

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Location: PRG
Country: Czech Republic 
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I was obsessed by passenger airplanes ever since, being a small kid already - watching planes on the Ruzyne airport terrace, together with my father, in the 70-80s, regularly. My room was decorated in that sense, planes, posters and airline timetables everywhere. Not sure why I lost interest, almost completely, for more than 20 years, back then. Nevertheless, now, in the digital age we see all around, I am back. Visiting various airports. Not only watching, but also trying to capture the moments there, on my Nikon cameras. Luckily - most of the time, when spotting abroad, I am there with my dad again. Perhaps due to my IT background I am a big fan and user of Linux systems (since ~1998), and as for the editing - I use Linux versions of UFRaw, ImageMagick/Convert, LightZone, GIMP + G'MIC & GREYcstoration - for all my work here. I am enjoying this great site whenever I can, however due to personal reasons (not AP related at all!) I left the screening team, as of 2012 (with plans to get back, hopefully, in the future).

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