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Location: Dortmund DTM/EDLW
Country: Germany 
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Hey, my name is Moritz and I'm 16 years old. Live in Dortmund, a city in western Germany. Not that far away from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. I'm into aviation since I was born, cause aviation is still the passion of my dad and Dortmund Airport is very close. Photographing had always been something special for me, and this is how I became an aviation-photographer. My real home airport is Dortmund, but I spend most time in Düsseldorf and visit Amsterdam many times a year. Took my first real picture in 2008 with a pocket-cam, owned a DSLR in the end of 2010. I still dont like those 90° shots and want to make more creative shots like closeups etc. I learnd that creativity is the most important thing in aviation photography and this is how I came here. If you want further informations or have any questions feel free to contact me, and I'll try to answere as soon as possible :)

Publications/Clients: Polet Airlines (homepage)

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