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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

I forgot my password. Where can I find it?

Send us an e-mail at and our administrators will change it for you.

I reached the Full Membership criteria. Should I contact you?

Our administration system highlights photographers that qualified for Full Membership, but sometimes our administrators are busy with other work so please do not hesitate to remind us that you qualified and send us an e-mail at

I am not happy with some of my photos I have uploaded. Can I replace them with a better version?

To replace an already published photo you can use our Photo replacement tool (you need to be logged in to view the page).

How can I remove my photos from

Send us an e-mail at and our administrators will remove them for you.

Photo usage

I would like to use one of the photos at What should I do?

We do not manage any photo sales and you need to contact the photographer directly. In order to make this as simple and quick as possible, there is a Click here to contact photographer... link below each large photo that will bring you to the page where you can fill the form and send it directly to the photographer. Find out more on our Photo use page.

I am looking for a specific photo which I cannot find in your database. What should I do?

Ask in our Aviation photography forum (You need to be signed in to do so). There are more than one thousand active photographers from all around the world registered at and the chances are high that they have the photo you are looking for.


How can I include a picture published at

Simply copy and paste the code in the Embed Small Thumbnail in Forum box, which is located below the main photo on any large picture page.

How can I include a link or a photo located anywhere else on the internet?

Forum supports the following BBCode syntax that will allow you to include links and photos saved elsewhere:

  • Make text bold

    [b]Boeing[/b]  becomes   Boeing

  • Post links

    [url][/url]   becomes
    [url=]Some text[/url]   becomes   Some text
    (in both cases URL has to contain http://)

  • Post photos

    [img]Image URL[/img]   becomes  

    Image URL has to contain http://

  • Post Youtube videos

    [youtube]video URL[/youtube]    (such as [youtube][/youtube])   becomes  

    Video URL has to contain http://

  • Quote

    [quote=Name of the quoted person]Quoted text[/quote]   becomes  

    Name of the quoted person:
    Quoted text

Comments to photos and news

Why did not my comment appear immediatelly?

Once submitted, all comments are placed to the queue to be checked by editors. The queue is usually cleared within a couple of hours.

Why was not my comment published?

It may have not been published for the following reason(s):

  • Comment was not in English or contained grammatical errors/typos.
  • It would cause a flame or would be disrespectful to the photographer or other A-P users.
  • Comment or its part was written in capitals.
  • It contained personal details - e.g. telephone number or e-mail address.

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