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Changes at Heathrow EGLL


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Posted 5 March 2015 - 11:36 CET

Iberia Express to/from T5 similar to Madrid operations

IB3602 A320 STA 15:45 from 29Mar Tu Th Su

BA0538 A320 STD 17:05 from 29Mar Tu Th Su

IB3604 A320 STA 15:45 from 30Mar Mo We Fr Sa

BA0536 A320 STD 17:05 from 30Mar Mo We Fr Sa

IB3614 A320 STA 19:15 from 01Apr Daily

BA0534 A320 STD 20:30 from 01Apr Daily

Vietnam Airways

VN0051 B777 STA 07:40 from 01Apr–27Jun We Su

VN0050 B777 STD 14:45 from 01Apr–27Jun We Su

VN0055 B777 STA 07:40 from 31Mar–26Jun Mo Th Sa

VN0054 B777 STD 14:45 from 31Mar–26Jun Mo Th Sa

VN0051 B787 STA 07:40 from 01Jul We Su

VN0050 B787 STD 14:45 from 01Jul We Su

VN0055 B787 STA 07:40 from 29Jun Mo Th Sa

VN0054 B787 STD 14:45 from 29Jun Mo Th Sa

Etihad Airways

EY0019 A388 STA 13:05 from 01May Daily

EY0020 A388 STD 15:05 from 01May Daily

EY0017 A388 STA 11:20 from 01Aug Daily

EY0018 A388 STD 20:40 from 01Aug Daily

Thai international

TG0910 A388 STA 07:15 from 01Jul Daily

TG0911 A388 STD 12:30 from 01Jul Daily


AV0120 B788 STA 15:45 from 03Jul Tu Fr Sa Su

AV0121 B788 STD 22:40 from 03Jul Tu Fr Sa Su

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