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Frankfurt Spotting

Martin Kulcsar 

Joined in February 2016
Posts: 18
Posted 3 August 2016 - 08:47 CET

Hello spotters,

I will be staying a day in Frankfurt on a layover, on August 20th, 2016 (Saturday) We will be spending the night there so I have an afternoon to spot.

I would be wondering where the best place to spot it. I know about the viewing platform for 25R/07L but at the moment I see the heavies landing on 25L. So is there any good locations for spotting there, which is accessible by public transport or by walking?

All answers will be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Full member
Joined in March 2015
Posts: 83
Posted 3 August 2016 - 09:46 CET

Hi Martin,

Check these web sites, you'll find everything you need;

Good luck!


Nico Berger 

Joined in January 2016
Posts: 11
Posted 3 August 2016 - 17:46 CET

Hi Martin,

The viewing platform for 25R/07L is good in the early morning and sometimes in the afternoon. In the morning many american heavies arrive there an in the afternoon some asian heavies. You have to take the bus 751 to the bus stop "Tor 26". Than you have to walk some meters.

If you want to visit the spot for 25C/25L have to take the bus OF-64 to the bus stop "Inter City Hotel". After that you have to walk again ^^.

Have fun!


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