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Soft and Low saturation


Joined in January 2017
Posts: 9
Posted 24 June 2017 - 18:04 CET

Hello Togheter

Today my photo was screened with the problem "Soft. Low saturation and Incorrect exposure - too dark"

you opinion?

Regards from Switzerland.


Kamil Cison 

Joined in January 2013
Posts: 105
Posted 24 June 2017 - 20:49 CET

My opinion is that the photo is soft, has low saturation and the exposure is too dark.

Lars van Zundert 

Joined in March 2016
Posts: 30
Posted 25 June 2017 - 13:02 CET

Hey Eric,

I would try to make this picture a 1200/1300px in length. Try to sharpen the image in photoshop as well by using a layer mask. In Lightroom you can just slide the saturation a little bit up, and I guess the photo will then be accepted ;)

Cheers, Lars

Samuel Kymäläinen 

Joined in April 2017
Posts: 7
Posted 12 July 2017 - 18:35 CET

I agree with screener

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