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LHR location

Paweł Glink 

Full member
Joined in September 2011
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Posted 11 January 2019 - 09:28 CET


Can anybody tell me which location is that ?

Looks like close to esso station but I remember that far away behind the esoo was long double fence...Any help ?


Joined in February 2016
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Posted 11 January 2019 - 11:13 CET

its at the very end of 09R for 27L departures, next to terminal 5 you can walk there from the Esso garage its about a 10 minute walk

Ricardo Hebmüller 

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Joined in August 2014
Posts: 89
Posted 11 January 2019 - 11:21 CET

Taking a ride on this question, where is the spotting point for this photo in the same airport?

Thanks in advance!

Richard Parkhouse 
Full member
Joined in June 2011
Posts: 53
Posted 11 January 2019 - 12:26 CET

Hi Ricardo

The EL AL shot was taken through the fence from the perimeter road next to 27R. Unfortunately this spot is no longer any good for photos as this whole section has been double fenced and signs have been put up saying you have to stay 3 metres back from the fence. This is why you won't see any shots taken from this point over the last couple of years.

I wasn't aware of the location of the BA 747 shot however. I suspect you are not allowed to approach the fence here either and if spotted by police or security, would be moved on pretty quickly. Getting ground shots at Heathrow is pretty difficult now but there are still plenty of options for shots of aircraft departing or arriving depending on wind direction and runway usage.



Kamil Cison 

Joined in January 2013
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Posted 11 January 2019 - 23:12 CET

51.463065, -0.489488

Ricardo Hebmüller 

Full member
Joined in August 2014
Posts: 89
Posted 16 January 2019 - 21:21 CET

Thank you Richard. In fact I remember to have read something about a spotting place like that was no longer available, and I did not note (my fault) that the series of pictures taken there was from 2015.

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