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Just an honest opinion


Joined in April 2011
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Posted 11 December 2021 - 19:50 CET

Good evening fellow enthusiasts,

I think i am not the only one to say, that in the last time, photo criteria and reasons for rejections have become very hard and picky. I don't know what the reason is. But the joy of uploading pictures and see them on this website disappeared in the last weeks and months. I know, who i am to say, i'm only one of thousands and who tf cares if i stop uploading or start complaining. But maybe i speak for a few and if thats the case, i want to say it straight. I am aware, that this site only wants high-standard and high quality pictures the creative touch, but if i'd empathize with a just started photographer who takes on challenges and wants to grow in quality and creativity, having my pictures screend so picky and hard, the joy will not hold on for long. I see my theory maybe slighty confirmed in who appears on most liked and on the main site in general. Most of the time the same names. These guys do a great job, i will never say anything else and for some i can only take off my hat in terms of quality, creativity etc.

But nothing evolves without change. I liked this website very much over the years (since 2011) and it is truly insane how it has grown from the beginning. But i'd only wish, that restrictions and criteria would be not that hard to overcome, so that more unexperienced and/ or motivated photographers can be adressed. It could lead to more variety in photos, photographers and joy.

Hope you all have a great remaining weekend and keep spotting

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